March 17th, 2009


an open letter to Craig Newmark


I've seen numerous interviews with you over the years, and I've always been impressed with your wit, modesty and individuality. I am of the mind that something of the general shape of Craigslist was inevitable, but OTOH it was a wonderful surprise to see it done with such grace and class. I wish therefore it were a different circumstance that brought myself to your attention than this tweet of mine:

mungojelly: @jayrosen_nyu Craigslist is completely untrustworthy. You'd think there'd be a new niche in providing some sort of local trust relationship.

To which you responded with this tweet of yours:

craignewmark: @mungojelly Can you clarify your remark re #craigslist ? Thanks! craig at

I was going to say that you were completely justified in taking offense, but upon rereading your tweet I see that it's completely diplomatic! That's what I'm talking about-- classy. Anyway, since you asked, certainly I'll do my best to explain the point that I so failed to cram into those 140.

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