Pope Salmon the Lesser Mungojelly (mungojelly) wrote,
Pope Salmon the Lesser Mungojelly

Second Draft: Overgrowing the Prohibition of Plants, Fungi, and Mind Transforming Chemicals

Individual Homo sapiens monkeys now struggling against senseless chemical and botantical prohibitions encounter difficult obstacles, which are real and substantial and primarily emotional. To act as an individual is to act toward achieving a goal. This is the desire of those who would continue prohibition: That we as individuals should each hold in mind a goal like "The End Of Prohibition", briefly struggle in our own ways toward that goal, and experience failure. Failure is all we can possibly experience if we attempt to attain that grand goal by ourselves, in one or a series of rebellious acts; our first human action alone naturally fails to end the human war.

Only together can we win. And so our individual struggle must be to link our effort with a larger effort. Our song is already clear, our instruments are tuned, and we are only waiting for the notes to be played, but people must by necessity (to conserve their energy) watch & wait, and dedicate themselves to an attempt only once they believe it can succeed. There must be a movement which carries in its heart an absolute certainty that the deed can be done-- only then will those who have laid down their passion be willing to pick it back up. There must be a movement which includes & activates & makes real. It must be the right movement, of the right people, at the right time.

I am calling for that movement. I am not declaring it; I cannot, as I do not know its name. I am calling for it. I am calling it out. I am calling all those who know that they are who would and must participate in that movement, when its time did come: Believe with me, if you will, that it indeed has. Believe with me and make it true.

Here is my strategy: We will begin to support each other. Outside of any rigid organization, outside of any inhuman structure. We will decide our own practices, and freely change them, and be bound by nothing but trust and solidarity. We will speak with as many voices and as few as our true feelings and positions. We will be absolutely real, uncompromised, unchoreographed, natural. We will grow. We will grow by unquestioning acceptance: We will only enhance communication, respecting and amplifying the views of all, friends and enemies alike. We will pursue whatever strategies seem most effective & pure, consciously collectively refining them.

Power in society is harnessed through communication. Networks of people who decide to act in concert have collective experiences, which when shared become conscious collective experiences. Those experiences are experiences of being far more powerful than an individual human: They are experiences of having the power to communicate to thousands or millions of people simultaneously. Leaders exploit this power of the people, placing it upon their heads as a crown and pretending the power and wisdom of the group originate from them. Without leaders, groups are just as capable of experiencing their collective power as freely originated and freely employed.

Here is how I suggest we take our power: Let us form small groups. Groups so small that they are in immediate personal communication. Hexagons, you could call them, suggesting the strength in solidarity of six-sided shapes. You need not join with me, if I am not who you trust: Join with your own friends, or whoever you know or find. Let us then join those groups together into larger groups and movements and networks. Hexagons, aware of their own identities, consciously and collectively joining into larger hexagons, aware of their larger identities, each level consciously voluntarily composed of conscious and free members.

The particular strategies I propose are my particular ideas. Your ideas are more important to me. But our ideas are useless to each other if they are the untested fantastical ideas of isolated individuals. Correct or not, they are ungrounded, & find no traction. We must continually test our ideas in the fire of action, and make each idea an idea for how to plant our very next footstep. We must join together into one body, with the complexity of organization which is necessary for true freedom, the consciousness which is required to choose a path, and eventually the strength which ensures victory.

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